• Sr. Growth Strategist & Brand Storyteller

    14+ years managing customer and product growth strategies for Fortune 100 brands and startups, with special expertise in content and partnerships.

  • Primary Skill Sets

    Inbound Marketing

    Word of mouth marketing and creative messaging that pull customers in.

    Customer Retention

    'Tis better to activate and engage than seek and capture.

    Content Marketing

    Creating unique - and often humorous - ways to connect with an audience, backed by data and optimization.

    Strategic Partnerships

    From distribution partners to affiliates to product integrations.

    Team Management

    Hiring, motivating, coordinating, and listening.

    Client Services

    Ten years at an agency will do that to ya'.

  • Colleague Recommendations

    Gavin C., Co-Founder of kkooee

    "Somehow [your marketing insights] have managed to both scare the shit out of me as well as comfort me, which is no easy feat."


    Alex Mitchell, Co-Founder & CEO at Audiokite Research

    "Dave is one of those people where you can say 'Hey Dave, get us more X!' and a week later you have more X. His exhaustive experience leveraging digital platforms has led to our greatest period of growth so far. Incredibly, he also excels at customer communication and development, copywriting, email management, product strategy, and probably a hundred other things. Frankly I'm honored to work with him."


    Joe Zajac, Senior Vice President - Consulting at Excel Sports Management

    "Dave is truly one of the most outstanding performers I've ever worked with. He excels at a combination of attributes - strategy, creativity, leadership, speed, hustle, passion for the work, attention to detail - that made both our clients and fellow team members love working with him and rely heavily on his expertise. On top of all that, Dave has a really unique set of interpersonal skills that make him fun to work with and easily able to connect with a very wide variety of people."


    Spencer Barkoff, Co-Founder & CEO at Campus Bubble

    "Dave helped us develop our sales and marketing strategy. Dave's energetic personality improved and enhanced company culture even while working remotely. His ability to take anything thrown at him and quickly produce quality deliverables made him an incredible asset to the team. I would recommend Dave for any marketing or sales related position solely based on his strategic mindset and relationship building skill set."

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